16 architectural stations at the Remstal Garden Show

Monopteros at station 9 was realized with white exposed concrete

One of the highlights of the Remstal Garden Show 2019 is the architectural project "16 Stations". The organizers were able to attract 16 renowned architectural firms from all over Germany for this project. Each of these offices planned a completely individual building for the individual Remstal communities.

For Station 9 in the municipality of Winterbach, the Munich architects Burger Rudacs designed a monopteros made of white exposed concrete. The word Monopteros comes from Greek and refers to a circular temple with columns that does not have a closed interior.

This "Wise White House" was realized by the company R. Bayer Betonsteinwerk from Blaubeuren with formwork smooth prefabricated elements manufactured on the basis of Dyckerhoff WEISS. The diameter of the building is 4.80 meters, it is 7.78 meters high. Five partition walls arranged in a star shape are fastened to a circular step system, which meet in the middle. These bear the circular roof, which has steps too, corresponding to the steps on the floor.

The Monopteros stands on an meadow orchard in the district Weiherwasser south of Winterbach. The Remstal Garden Show 2019 is the first garden show in Germany to take place in 16 towns and communities. Until 20 October 2019, the Remstal valley will be transformed into an endless garden. Throughout the summer, a wide variety of events will take place. In the year 2020 the national garden show of Baden-Wuerttemberg will take place in Überlingen.