Dyckerhoff Concrete for Limestone Silo at the Deuna Cement Plant
24 May 2018

Dyckerhoff Concrete for Limestone Silo at the Deuna Cement Plant

Sliding form requires nine-day round-the-clock concreting

For the maintenance of the limestone silo 5 in the Dyckerhoff cement plant Deuna, containing up to 8,000 tons, the 465 cbm concrete had to be implemented without interruptions for nine days. Round-the-clock operation was technically necessary due to the use of a sliding form.

The silo was provided with a 30 cm thick new outer shell. Concrete of strength class C 30/37 was delivered by the Leinefelde plant of Dyckerhoff ready-mixed concrete Thuringia.

Because of the sliding formwork technology, the concrete had to meet special requirements, the sheathing ability after four hours was particularly important. Also a uniform quality by day, night as well as different weather conditions had to be guaranteed. The construction work was carried out by the Erfurt branch of the company Implenia.

Sliding formwork technology is used above all for high, seamless concrete components such as towers, chimneys or skyscrapers. The formwork elements are not converted, but continuously pushed on and supported on the already concreted part. Since the concreting process is not interrupted, sliding forms can only be used in 24-hour shift operation. The hardening of the concrete takes place in the moving formwork.