CO2-reduced concrete: Dyckerhoff ECODUR
16 January 2024

CO2-reduced concrete: Dyckerhoff ECODUR

With the ECODUR product family, Dyckerhoff is now offering a transparent and reliable range of CO2-reduced concretes on the market. The product line includes ECODUR 30, ECODUR 40 and ECODUR 50.

The classification corresponds to the certification according to the CO2 module of the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). The number attached to the brand name indicates the reduction of the CO2 footprint compared to the national industry reference value according to the CSC CO2 module. The CO2 footprint of ECODUR 30, for example, is at least 30% lower than the industry reference value.

Dyckerhoff has already been offering CO2-efficient cements for some time with CEDUR and ECO COMFORT. With these and other CO2-efficient cements (especially blast furnace cements CEM III), CO2-reduced concretes are already being produced very successfully in our Dyckerhoff ready-mixed concrete plants. The first applications on the market were offered individually as "tailor-made concretes" for projects with special sustainability requirements. Due to the high demand, they have now been included in our product portfolio.

What opportunities do the new ECODUR concretes offer for our customers?
More and more tenders are demanding that the concretes used must have a verifiably reduced CO2 footprint. From now on, you will also find the ECODUR product family in our delivery program and the price lists of our branches. Every ECODUR concrete delivered is certified with the CSC CO2 module. This provides customers with a reliable basis for project planning and quotation preparation.