Golda-Meir-Steg, Berlin
20 February 2023

Golda-Meir-Steg, Berlin

Filigree bridge with black exposed concrete base by Lichtner-Dyckerhoff

Berlin has yet another architectural highlight to look forward to: the Golda-Meir-Steg, which crosses the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal, deliberately sets itself apart from the sleek, contemporary architectural style that currently prevails. A base made of black exposed concrete by Lichtner-Dyckerhoff forms the perfect contrast to the almost opulent-looking gold-colored bridge arch decorated with filigree recesses.
Named after former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists connects the new Europacity with the “Mitte” district and is therefore an important element of the capital's infrastructure. The architecture was designed by the Berlin branch of the London-based firm ACME.

For the production of the abutments and steps, 1,100 cbm of ready-mixed concrete of strength class C30/37 was used, with a small quantity of strength class C35/45. Around 90 cbm of the concrete was produced as anthracite-colored exposed concrete with Labrador Black aggregate. The surface of the Norwegian chippings was made partially visible by acidifying the exposed concrete, followed by hydrophobization to enhance the desired glitter effect. The exposed concrete was produced in consistency class F4, the remaining concrete in F3 and the bored pile concrete in F5. All concretes were produced with a CEM III/A 42.5 N-LH (HOZ Doppel) from the Dyckerhoff plant in Deuna. This cement belongs to the Green product line.

The company Streicher Tief- und Ingenieurbau from Jena was commissioned to build the bridge. Construction began in March 2020 and the abutments were erected in July 2020. The 190-ton steel bridge was manufactured in Bavaria, transported to Berlin by barge and placed on the abutments in October 2020. The steel structure with its ornamental recesses in the railings is painted gold. It spans the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal and the adjacent riverside promenades with a clear width of 58.70 m.

The principal owner for the Golda-Meir-Steg is the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection. Only “Senate concrete” may be offered and supplied for civil engineering works that are put out to tender by the Berlin Senate. The concrete mix designs must then be prepared and sampled in the presence of a Senate representative. As in the case of Lichtner-Dyckerhoff, the supplier plants must be approved by the Senate and the materials used are generally specified. The concrete was supplied by the Reinickendorf plant of Lichtner-Dyckerhoff.

Photos: acme

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