High-quality Square Design in Front of the Merck Innovation Center
30 July 2018

High-quality Square Design in Front of the Merck Innovation Center

Dyckerhoff TERRAPLAN covers the curved profile of Emanuel-Merck-Platz like a blanket.

Merck designed the space in front of its innovation center very elaborately - with curving plant islands protruding from the ground and a brightly colored coating made of Dyckerhoff TERRAPLAN. This concrete floor system, manufactured on the base of Dyckerhoff white cement, is transported to the construction site in mixer trucks, and is polished and refined on site after hardening.

The appearance, which was already bright by the use of the white cement from Wiesbaden (CEM I 42.5 R), was even brighter thanks to Cramberger quartz gravel with its maximum grain size of 16 mm. Significant from a biochemical point of view, is the addition of the white pigment titanium dioxide. This contributes to the self-cleaning of the concrete surface and leads to the degradation of organic pollutants such as algae and mosses. The recipe was rounded off by black pigment as liquid color (Scholz) and macro plastic fibers (Grace construction products). The concrete was installed in a single layer.

Due to the curves, the surface treatment was very complex, sometimes had to be done by hand in several passes. In order to impede adhesion of dirt by tire or shoe abrasion and to facilitate cleaning, additionally a surface protection system was applied.

(Photos: HGEsch, Hennef)