Bike Path Shoulder with REWADUR Banquet Concrete in St. Goar
23 May 2018

Bike Path Shoulder with REWADUR Banquet Concrete in St. Goar

REWADUR banquet concrete for permanently open-pored and infiltrating roadside boundaries

Dyckerhoff's concrete plant in Boppard (Germany) supplied around 100 cbm of REWADUR banquet concrete (12 mixer trucks) for a novel demarcation between the road and the cycle path along the B9 federal road in St. Goar during one day. The 400 meter long section is located directly next to the river Rhine. To separate the bike path from the road, a guardrail was mounted on a one meter wide strip of banquet concrete

With REWADUR banquet concrete permanently open-pored and thus infiltratable banquet surfaces can be produced, which also contribute to the reduction of the risk of accidents (for example in the event of unwanted banquet driving) in traffic. Furthermore, rain water can flow away much faster than using ordinary coverings, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Compared to other coverings, maintenance costs are reduced. REWADUR banquet concrete can be installed manually or by paver. it allows to achieve a rapid construction progress, the construction sections can be used quickly. REWADUR banquet concrete is subject to continuous quality control - from its manufacture to installation.