Presentation of Dyckerhoff NANODUR Extract at the EMO in Hannover
16 October 2019

Presentation of Dyckerhoff NANODUR Extract at the EMO in Hannover

Most important platform for experts in production technology from all over the world

From 16 to 21 September 2019, around 117,000 production experts from 150 countries met at the EMO trade fair in Hanover. Among the exhibitors was durcrete- a partner company that produces machine components made of UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) in cooperation with Sudholt-Wasemann.

The market-leading binder for the high-performance concretes used in mechanical engineering applications is Dyckerhoff NANODUR® Compound 5941. Due to its ease of use, the material has long been used in other European countries as well as in China. However, up to now, to produce 1,000 l of liquid concrete over one ton of binder mixture had to be bought in Germany and transported to the production site.


Dyckerhoff has now developed the concentrate NANODUR® Extract, which offers significant economic benefits. Only 230 kg of the concentrate are sufficient for 1,000 l of concrete. Otherwise locally available, high-quality cements and fine sands can be used. This saves not only expensive transport costs and storage capacities, but also the cost advantage for cements and sands from domestic production can be used by the producer.

The stand also featured a 1.1 ton machine frame. It is used to pick up small parts such as ceramic plates or drills and place them in boxes. The machine operates at very high speeds, so the customer appreciates the vibration-damping properties of NANODUR® concrete. Furthermore, special transport anchors were shown, which facilitate the safe and economical transport of machine beds made of cement-bound mineral casting. These can be quite compact and short due to the high concrete strengths.

The team at the durcrete booth consisted of Bernhard Sagmeister (durcrete), Thomas Deuse (Head of Product Development and Special Building Materials of Dyckerhoff GmbH) and Heinrich Wasemann (Sudholt-Wasemann). All three cooperating companies agreed in their assessment of the trade fair success: there were many high-quality talks at the stand, and there was a great deal of interest in the solutions presented.

The EMO is currently held every two years in the "Hannover - Hannover - Milan" cycle. The EMO 2021 will be in Milan.