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Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) is an important part of our company. Binders and concretes for special applications form the focus of our research and development work.

With the Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut, Dyckerhoff has a technical facility that carries out quality control for the cement plants in Germany and Luxembourg. It also works on development of new – or further development of existing – binders for our customers’ special applications, and on environmentally friendly cement manufacturing. On this topic in particular, important synergies result from integration of cement research by Buzzi in Italy, with the introduction of CO2 reduced calcium sulfoaluminate cements to the German market as a first step.

We work closely with universities and technical colleges in our R&D projects and actively participate in German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and European Union projects. The content of these projects, often in cooperation with other industry partners, include use of nanotechnology or photo catalysis for environmentally friendly or environment-cleansing building materials.

Research and Development at Dyckerhoff Research and Development at Dyckerhoff

The Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut (WDI) is the research facility of Dyckerhoff. The R&D know-how of Buzzi Group is concentrated here.

Projects Projects

In cooperation with universities and colleges and in many cases also other industrial partners, we research possibilities which enable developing new products eventually.

Highlights Highlights

Innovations have a long tradition at Dyckerhoff. Dyckerhoff cements and concretes were used in a number of magnificent buildings.