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Workplace safety, health, environment and energy policy


Workplace safety, health and environmental protection as well as an efficient energy use are fundamental components of Dyckerhoff GmbH company goals. They stand on an equal footing alongside other important goals such as efficiency and product quality.

Our goal is to avoid all accidents. Every accident means health impairment for the affected person, every sudden absence of an employee disrupts the operational process. This endangers the quality of our work and the economic success of Dyckerhoff GmbH. For this reason as well, the preservation and the promotion of our staff's health are part of our company's personnel focus.

Furthermore, it is our duty to limit adverse environmental impacts to a minimum and ensure plant safety. To avoid accidents, facilities or their modifications are designed in accordance with the state of safety technology, correctly built and operated by qualified staff.

In addition, we set ourselves the task of constantly reducing the specific long-term energy consumption of our plants through systematic evaluation and optimization of energy efficiency.

We encourage as well the suplly of energy efficient products and services which have an impact on energy related performance.

These goals can be reached only together by company and staff.

Implementation and responsibilities

Company management therefore designates responsible persons, who are responsible for the implementation of our workplace safety, health, environmental and energy policies. All information and resources required for their compliance is made available to them.

For this purpose, Dyckerhoff GmbH in Germany implemented the workplace safety, health, environmental, energy and security management system (also called “integrated management system”). This is regularly examined and updated by internal and external audits.

We consider it our task to continually examine all production steps and products for hazards to employees and environmental compatibility. If necessary, we undertake essential measures to avoid accidents and injury to health and minimize the impacts of our activities on the environment in accordance with technical and economic conditions. Similarly, we use our influence on energy issues important to the cement plants such as raw material preparation, fuel use and the burning process, use of waste heat released by clinker production, milling technology for raw materials and cement, and the composition and delivery of end products.

The company obligates itself to comply with all legal and official requirements and relevant regulations related to workplace safety and environmental protection, avoidance of accidents, our energy issues and promote the health of our employees. The integrated management system includes company management and employees in equal measure. Everyone must meet the resulting obligations.

Workplace safety, health and environmental protection as well as an efficient energy use concern everyone. Everyone must pay attention to both their own safety and that of colleagues, visitors and employees of other companies. Every employee is responsible for minimizing impacts on the environment and improving the company’s energy efficiency.

All strategic and operational activities are effected in compliance with the Code of Conduct of the parent company Buzzi Unicem SpA, which contains defined standards of integrity and fairness and which Buzzi Unicem voluntarily committed to interested parties.

Through an open information policy, regular training and instruction, we wish to inspire everyone to act safely and responsibly. We carry out an open dialogue with our staff, neighbours, the authorities and other interested parties.

Supervisors are role models.

Company management sees workplace safety, health and environmental protection and efficient energy use as a permanent task. Through annual goal setting with responsible managers, Dyckerhoff GmbH will introduce continuous improvement process projects and initiatives, follow up on implementation and evaluate them regularly.

We bring our influence to bear on suppliers and contractors in order to promote safe and environmentally friendly work among our contractual partners. Especially firms that are active on our company’s site are contractually obligated to comply with our workplace safety, environmental and energy standards and associated measures.

All managers and the works council of Dyckerhoff GmbH commit to these guidelines.

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