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White Cement

Raw materials which have got very low iron are the base of white cement. It is easier to dye by adding color pigments than gray cement and is therefore appropriate for the production of white or colored products.

Dyckerhoff Weiss – leading since 1931

The brand «Dyckerhoff Weiss» has set benchmarks for high quality in many building materials since 1931.

Today, Dyckerhoff WEISS – our white Portland cement and «specialty of the house» – is more relevant and modern than ever. In an ideal manner, it combines the constructive characteristics of the gray with the esthetic possibilities and the scope for design of white cement. Dyckerhoff WEISS gives ever new impulse for building and designing with concrete, as it offers architects, planners and builders to use a wide range of colors, shapes and structures. Thanks to Dyckerhoff WEISS, white and colored products such as exposed concretes, prefabricated concrete elements and artificial stones, high-grade plasters and mortars can have a friendly and strong color appearance.

We have always noted with pride that the product name «Dyckerhoff WEISS» is used as a synonym for white Portland cement. For us, this is a clear indication that Dyckerhoff WEISS as a traditional product of Dyckerhoff already has the name and the reputation of a successful brand. We have consistently developed the Dyckerhoff WEISS brand and have created own types for various applications.

Dyckerhoff WEISS are Portland cements according to the EN 197-1 standard and thus are approved for all concrete strength classes. The quality is monitored continuously by the Research Institute of the German Cement Industry in Düsseldorf. This is shown, for instance, in the durable brilliance of colors and resistance against environmental influences.

Cement Types Cement Types

Dyckerhoff WEISS, our white Portland cement – specialty of the Dyckerhoff company and on the market for almost 90 years – is today more up-to-date and modern than ever as a building material.

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We have compiled a collection of technical articles and brochures about our WEISS products and their applications for you. Please, have a look!

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We have prepared ourselves organisationally for the special individual requirements. With special trucks we are prepared for a faultless delivery.

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The association Info-b strengthens and expands the market for German artificial stone.

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Der Kreativität zur Gestaltung von Museen, Hochschulen, Schulen und sonstigen Bauwerken ist mit Dyckerhoff WEISS kaum eine Grenze gesetzt. 

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