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Focus CO2 Reduction

The CO2 footprint of Dyckerhoff well cements is continuously lowered by applying most modern production technology and optimized logistics.

All well cement production plants have an implemented environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001.

For more details see the Buzzi Unicem Sustainability Report.

NEW: Class K

… saves more than 20 % of CO2 emission compared to ordinary Portland well cements by an improved composition. Class K is a new composite well cement type standardized by API Specification 10A.

Known for decades already as Dyckerhoff HT Basic Blend for HPHT and geothermal wells, Dyckerhoff Class K consists of famous Dyckerhoff Class G and 35 % BWOC selected silica flour with high purity.

Dyckerhoff Class K is considered a basic well cement for cementing the entire well from the top down to the bottom. A single cement type does also ease logistics and infrastructure at the wellsite.

For more information please contact the Dyckerhoff Export Department