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Dyckerhoff Well Cements – Global Reach

Dyckerhoff Well Cements are delivered to almost all continents

  • Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia out of Lengerich, GER
  • North Africa and Southern Europe out of Siniscola, IT,
  • Russia and Central Asia (CIS) out of Sukhoi Log, RUS


Dyckerhoff Well Cements are typically used for cementing 

  • exploration and production wells for oil and gas,
  • wells for producing ground water,
  • wells for producing geothermal energy,
  • wells for underground storages of gas, oil, or even hydrogen
  • wells for capturing CO2 in underground structures.


Dyckerhoff high-quality Well Cements reduce cementing risks and costs.

Our plants in Lengerich, Siniscola and Sukhoi Log are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and can apply the API Monogram on their licensed Well Cements.