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Cement Types

Dyckerhoff WEISS, our white Portland cement, specialty of the Dyckerhoff company and on the market for almost 90 years, is today more up-to-date and modern than ever as a building material.

These are the different types:


CEM I 42.5 R (dw)

... for brilliant and durable concrete surfaces, e.g. exposed concretes, prefabricated concrete elements, artificial stones, concrete goods, Terrazzo or fair faced bricks


CEM I 42.5 R (dw)

... for customers who produce primarily construction chemical products, e.g. leveling compounds, finish plasters, adhesive mortars or formulations with a high amount of additives 


CEM I 42.5 R (dw)

... for mixed binders on a lime-cement base, e.g. finish plasters, adhesive mortars, tile grouts, repair and masonry mortars or processing of surfaces with special sludges 


CEM I 42.5 R (dw)

... for particular special construction chemicals applications, especially for accelerated formulations, e.g. adhesive mortars, leveling compounds, grouts or repair mortars 


CEM I 52.5 N and CEM I 52.5 R

... for mortars and concretes with early strength development, e.g. concrete goods, prefabricated concrete elements, masonry and adhesive mortars or grouts 


... high-performance binders for the production of concrete products with highest requirements in relation to quality, technical features as well as aesthetic; even thin and filigree components can be realized

Dyckerhoff WEISS are Portland cements according to the EN 197-1 standard and thus are approved for all concrete strength classes. The quality is monitored continuously by the Research Institute of the German Cement Industry in Düsseldorf. This is shown, for instance, in the durable brilliance of colors and resistance against environmental influences.

There is much more information on the Dyckerhoff Weiss products in German language: