FLOWSTONE is a high performance cementitious binder which has been scientifically developed from top quality cement. In particular, the high level of requirements regarding the technical properties, as well as the offer of the varieties, make FLOWSTONEan ideal way for a customer to realize the highest demands for technical performance and exclusivity.

Flowstone gray and white are high performance cementitious binders made from Portland Cement DIN EN 197-1 and a ultrafine cement.

Through the adjustment of grain size distribution (grain size ≤ 0.5 mm) and the use of high performance additives, mortar and concrete based on Dyckerhoff FLOWSTONE with outstanding qualities and properties are created. The production of the concrete can be processed as fluid or self-compacting concrete.

For the various applications, FLOWSTONE will be supplemented by the appropriate aggregates, pigments and additives from the end-user. Through the wide range of aggregates, fine grained concretes with a maximum grain size of 1 mm can be realized. Therefore, concrete can be manufactured in different grain sizes and with outstanding, very intense colors. Independent of the grain size chosen from the range, the concrete properties will always achieve the strength and durability required.