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Buzzi Unicem Next base – a hydraulic binder which is based on calcium sulphoaluminate clinker, created from a mixture of bauxite, gypsum and lime heated to a temperature of approximately 1350°C and then subsequently ground with an anhydrite.

Next base can be utilised alone as a rapid-hardening binding agent or combined with cement according to DIN EN 197. This enables the manufacture of products with low shrinkage and faster strength development.

Next base enables to develop mortars and concretes with a wide range of performance levels, and is compatible with commonly used additives for regulating the setting time, liquefaction, viscosity, shrinkage compensation, acceleration, retarding time, etc.

Our contribution to sustainability:
The small amounts of limestone in the raw materials and the low firing temperatures reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Next base

  • Is particularly suitable for utilisation at low temperatures, in high, sulphate content conditions and with ASR risks (alkali silica reaction).
  • Guarantees high uniformity and extended shelf life.
  • Was the first calcium sulphoaluminate cement manufactured in Europe to receive CE marking, subsequent to a 3 year trial period. Thereby, this ecologically sustainable cement complies with the same strong criteria that were established for Portland cements.

Next base is manufactured at the Italian Trino plant.

For more information please contact us via weisszement@dyckerhoff.com or our sales office in Wiesbaden.